Adds, Deletes, And Marxian Ec

In Progress

The Economics Department listings in the preliminary, unofficial galley proofs of next year's course catalogue include a new full-year undergraduate course that will use Marxian analysis.

Arthur MacEwan, assistant professor of Economics, will teach Economics 1012a and 1012b, "Modern Capitalism," next fall and spring in succession, and will add a new spring-term extension to his Economics 1201a--Economics 1201b, "Topics in the Political Economy of Socialism."

The course description for 1012a calls it a "Marxist analysis of various aspects of modern capitalism with special emphasis on the current operations of the U.S. economy."

The catalogue says 1012b gives "attention to the operation of capitalism as an international system (issues of imperialism)" and focuses on "important social conflicts and the way in which they are generated by the operation of capitalism." These will include "labor struggles, black liberation, women's liberation, third world struggles."

The galley proofs for the department also carry delete marks on all the listings for courses currently taught by another Marxian, Herbert M. Gintis, assistant professor of Economics.