Intramural Crew Starts Today on Charles Basin

The preliminary rounds of the House crew regatta get underway today with each of the Houses entering at least one boat.

In the first "B" boat race at 9:30 a.m., Dunster, Kirkland, Winthrop, Quincy, and the Eliot "C" boat square off, while Eliot, Lowell, Mather, Radcliffe, and the Dunster "C" boat collide in the second "B" boat heat at 10 a.m.

In the first "A" boat race at 10:30, three strong crews from Winthrop, Eliot, and Lowell will fight it out for first-place honors. Lowell, which has its strongest crew in some time, is the favorite with Eliot, last year's intramural and Henley champion, finishing second and Winthrop taking third. Dudley will also row in that heat, but should not prove to be a factor.

In the second "A" boat heat at 11 a.m., Kirkland should have no trouble winning, although Mather could prove tough, while Dunster might be the "sleeper" in that contest. Leverett and Quincy round out that field.