Students Plan New Political Magazine

Harvard Forecast to Begin in January

A group of five undergraduates plans to publish a two-part Harvard magazine beginning in Jaauary with news commentary and analysis of future world problems.

Nathanial F. Queen Jr. '77 one of the organizers of the new publication, tentatively titled "Harvard Forecast," said Wednesday that the founders are seeking contributors who "might be running the show in the year 2000."

Queen said they especially want "leading students, leading professors and specialists; especially people who are as yet unpublished but who have interesting things to say."


Harvard Forecast, to be distributed free to members of the University, will publish its futurology section quarterly beginning in January. Some of the subjects the magazine will cover include overpopulation, corporate capitalism and the effects of advanced technology on human life.


"This is the first magazine in the country that will address itself to planning for the future," Queen said.

The second part of Harvard Forecast is scheduled to appear monthly. It will contain commentary of contemporary local, national and international issues by writers with various political viewpoints.

Peter W. Kaplan '76, another founder of the magazine, said Wednesday that he wants the monthly to be controversial. "We want it to be hot enough to gain regular student acceptance," he said.

The magazine has not yet received the necessary financial backing, but the organizers are seeking foundation grants.

Nicholas N. Eberstadt '76, another founder, said yesterday that "money is our biggest worry."

But Kaplan insisted that he believes the group can raise the funds. "Somehow we're going to get the money," he said.

The Forecast will ask for recognition from the Committee on Housing and Undergraduate Living as a student organization at the first CHUL meeting in September.

No Mass Appeal

Although paid subscriptions will be available to those outside Harvard, Harvard Forecast will not seek mass appeal.

Queen said he expects most outside subscribers to be mainly foundations, organizations and government agencies.

A majority of the writers of the monthly will be Harvard students while the quarterly contributors will be nationwide, the founders said.

Thirteen professors have given their endorsement to the magazine. These include Kenneth Arrow, Conant University Professor, Seymour Martin Lipset, Professor of Government and Social Relations, and George Wald, Higgins Professor of Biology.