The Threepenny Opera has only two more nights of performances before it leaves the Loeb to make way for the Summer School Repertory Theater's next production, Odets's Awake and Sing! One of those faceless people in the Harvard bureaucracy sent The Crimson an anonymous note pointing out that it was "bullshit", to say that the local production of the Brecht-Weill play drew unanimous praise. That's probably true, but it is also probably true that our correspondents' mother wears army boots. In any case, the show at the Loeb is undeniably excellent and it would be a shame to miss it before it closes tomorrow night. This evening's performance is at 8, Saturday's is at 9. Both cost $5.95.

Sweet Eros and The Beard have been made to conform to the Commwealth's idea of "good taste." The original version of Sweet Eros offended the sensibilities of the guardians of morality; now the show is no more obscene than Governor Sargent playing footsie with Louise Day Hicks on the bussing issue. Tonight and tomorrow the action starts at 8. Sunday's performance begins by a buffet-dance with prizes for the best Billy the Kid and Jean Harlow look-alikes.

Private Lives and Seesaw are also closing after their Saturday night performances. The former is playing at Tufts, where they make the best of a bad play. Seesaw is a musical comedy about sex, starring Lucie Arnez and John Gavin at the Colonial Theater. Our critic says it's not too bad if you like this sort of thing. Call 426-9366 for more information. The number at Tufts is 623-3880.

Moonchildren, at the Charles Playhouse, is one of the best new plays being performed anywhere, certainly the most important work being done in the area. It's about the author's student days at Brandeis, but don't worry about it being one of those silly nostolgia pieces; the show is anything but silly. More on this one later. Performances tonight are at 7 and 10:30, Saturday at 6:30 and 10, Sunday at 7:30. The late show tonight only costs $3 for students--almost worth being a student for.

The Proposition is still doing its hilariously brillant improvisational routines at 241 Hampshire St. in Inman Sq. Not even the fathead who sent in that note about "The Threepenny Opera" can deny that this is good. (By the way, keep those cards and letters coming in.) Tonight and tomorrow at 8 and 10; $3 this evening, $4 on Saturday.


Who Killed Santa Claus? is playing at the High for Summer theater in Fitchburg. Nobody is going to travel up to Fitchburg for this (you can if you want), but don't you like the name of the playhouse? High for Summer. Good idea. Anyway, we know who killed Santa Claus. Nixon did that too.