Hasty Pudding Honors Harper, Beatty

People of the Year

The theatrical wing of the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770 has chosen Warren Beatty as Man of the Year and Valerie Harper, star of the CBS television show Rhoda, as Woman of the Year.

Harper, a three-time Emmy-Award winner for her portrayal of the wisecracking Rhoda Morgenstern, is the first television actress to be chosen as Woman of the Year. She will arrive in Cambridge February 18 to participate in a parade through Harvard Square and receive an engraved bronze Hasty Pudding pot.

Beatty will not make an appearance until February 27, the opening night of the Hasty Pudding production "Put Up Your Dukes," 'which will run for a month in Cambridge before moving on to New York and Bermuda.

Bruce H. Minevitz '75, co-producer of the show, said yesterday that the Man and Woman of the Year are usually chosen for their "outstanding contribution to the acting profession, especially during the past year."

Referring to Harper, Minevitz said, "There are two different kinds of people you could choose. You could choose someone real artsy and esoteric, who's been in foreign films and stuff. Or you could choose someone like we did, someone who has almost unlimited mass appeal."


Harper is the 25th woman to win the award.