B.C. Kills 'Cliffe Water Polo Team

For the Radcliffe water polo team, it was a case of too much chlorine in the eyes, as the Crimson aquawomen splish-splashed their way to a season-opening 15-0 trouncing at the hands of Boston College last night in the IAB pool.

"We got killed so badly," 'Cliffe polo player Karen Bromberg said after the game. "I think we might have had two shots on net the whole game."

The big reason for the Eagles' rout of the Crimson was the longer amount of practice time that B.C. has had thus far this fall. B.C. has been in school since the end of August, and its water polo team has had a concomitant amount of practice time.

Radcliffe, on the other hand, has had relatively few practice sessions so far. "We've only been practicing for a couple of weeks," Bromberg said, "and even then, we've only had the pool two days a week."

The only bright spot, if there could be one, was the play of Crimson goalie Laura Garwin, who seemingly repelled three times as many shots as she let through.