In Progress

Afro Nominees

The Faculty Council continued this week to consider nominations submitted by departments for tenured appointments in the Afro-American Studies Department.

Dean Rosovsky said yesterday he will "move into high gear" as soon as he finds out the council's nominees for Afro posts, and begin to woo them.

A Perfect Union?

About 25 graduate students held an initial meeting this week to discuss the formation of a graduate student and teaching fellow union--a cause that has had various successes and failures among grad students for the last several years.


A spokesman for the group said after its closed-door meeting that issues discussed included the financial concerns of teaching fellows and graduate students as well as the personal relations these students have at Harvard.

In March 1972 graduate students made an abortive attempt to form a union when the University terminated a scholarship program that covered the finances of 600 teaching fellows. The union revived and died again the next spring.

Magic Number

Francis M. Pipkin, associate dean of the Faculty for the Colleges, said this week he will announce on Monday the size of next year's undergraduate body.

The magic number will be no great portent of major shifts in policy: it will not be a reflection of the Strauch Committee's recommendations.

Spring Agenda

Among the issues tentatively scheduled for discussion by the Faculty in its meetings this spring are:

* the third annual should-we-change-the-academic-calendar discussion, which usually ends up with no change; and

* a proposal concerning possible changes in requirements for graduation from the College with honors.

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