Radcliffe Waterpolo Dunks UMass, 6-5; Cole Leads Squad in Final Comeback

The Radcliffe waterpolo team surged ahead in the fourth quarter of last night's game against the University of Massachusetts team to squeak out a 6-5 victory.

After a sleepy first three quarters, the 'Cliffe squad entered the last eight minutes behind 5-0.

At the very start of the fourth quarter, Kim Cole, a Wellesley student who plays for Radcliffe, put in three quick goals.

Cole Seals Game

Captain Jeannie Guyton, who had made seven unsuccessful attempts earlier, faked a pass to get clear of her opponent, and swam backwards towards the goal to score. After another goal by Cole. Maureen Murphy tied the game. A final attempt by Cole put Radcliffe ahead and sealed the game.

Cole had three other attempts besides her four goals, and Murphy tried to score seven times in total.

The coach of the Crimson swimmers, junior Hess Yntema, said. "They put on a fantastic display, an amazing show in the last quarter. We played pretty poorly for the first three quarters, but really came alive at the end."

Yntema changed the offensive strategy at the beginning of the second half, which didn't pay off until the end.

Usually the 'Cliffe squad divides its offensive and defensive duties. Because of the slope of the IAB pool and the difference in the ability of the Radcliffe shooters, three of the strongest swimmers and shooters take on the offensive burden while the other three stay back to help sophomore goalie Laura Garwin keep down their opponents' score.

The 'Cliffe team needed more push to its offense, so Yntema loosened the rein and let his players "roam all over," he said, with a few emphasizing defense.

Guyton attributed the win to the pop talk between the third and fourth quarters from her coach. "The momentum turned around after Kim scored that first shot right at the start of the fourth quarter," she said.

Sterling Defense

The game went to Radcliffe because of a sterling defensive effort by goalie Garwin who saved some sure points for UMass and prevented her opponents from getting the ball when they were in dangerous scoring position.

The Radcliffe team lost to UMass in their first game of the season in March, 8-5. The squad played one other game so far this season, which it won against Boston College, 10-8.

Right after the game last night, the 'Cliffe women elected a captain for next year, sophomore Jane Hendricks.

The Radcliffe players meet Northeastern next on Wednesday at the IAB pool. They will end the season with a tournament at UMass on the weekend of May 3.