Bok Agrees to Meeting With Members of DISC

President Bok will meet next week with members of the DuBois Institute Student Coalition (DISC), Daniel Steiner '54 general counsel to the University said yesterday.

Steiner said he sent DISC a letter yesterday saving Bok is ready to meet will up to four or five of its members.

He said he does not know if an, other administrators or members of the DuBois. Institute advisory board will attend the meeting.

Bruce Jacobs '77, a DISC spokesman said last night DISC is willing to meet and Bok next week.

DISC had asked for a meeting with Bok last Friday, when to members of student coalition it led occupied the reception room in Massachusetts Hall to protest the administration's planning of the DuBois Institute.

Steiner also released a letter Bok wrote yesterday to a member of the cabinet of Phillips Brooks House who had written him in support of DISC's proposals for the DuBois Institute.

DISC has proposed that students participate in the planning of the DuBois Institute, that the institute maintain ties to the black community, and that the institute be directly linked with the Afro Department.

Bok said in the letter that "a link should exist" between the DuBois Institute and the Afro American Students Department and that new tenured members of the Afro Department will be offered places to the DuBois advisory board.

He said Ewart Guiner '33, chairman of the Afro Department is not on the advisory board because of his intense opposition to the design of the Institute.

It is star from clear that undergraduates should help govern the DuBois institute. Bok said in the letter because the institute is primarily a graduate center and students' "experience leaves them much less qualified to evaluate the needs of research and graduate training."

"A succession of reviews by faculty members and others have supported the formation of a research and graduate institute to develop the body of knowledge and increase the number of teacher scholars in the field of Afro American Studies Bok wrote. "Those who have supported the concept believe that such an institute will strengthen Afro American Studies just as similar institutes have proved useful in many other fields of study.

Bok declined last night to comment further on the letter of the meeting with DISC members DISC spokesmen also declined further comment on the matter.

The PBH letter Bok responded to endorsed DISC recommendations and said.

We feel that the University's disregard of the DISC proposal again demonstrates a lack of real commitment to strengthening Afro American Studies of Harvard.