Wackers Appointed Kirkland Masters For Coming Year

President Bok recommended yesterday the appointment of Dr. Warren E.C. Wacker, director of University Health Services, and his wife Ann M. Wacker, as acting co-masters of Kirkland House for next year.

The Corporation and the Board of Overseers must now formally approve Bok's recommendation.

The Wackers would become co-masters while Evon Z. Vogt, master of Kirkland House and professor of Social Anthropology, is on leave. Vogt will travel and attend anthropology conferences in Asia, Africa and Europe during the fall term, and work at the Harvard Field Station in Mexico during the spring.

Wacker, who served as acting master of Mather for the first half of this year, said yesterday that he had no new plans for Kirkland, and that the appointment would not affect his responsibilities as director of U.H.S.

David A. Goldberg '76, vice-chairman of the Kirkland House Committee, said yesterday that he was pleased that of the four houses currently searching for masters, Kirkland was the first to find one.