Quebec Jury Finds Defendant Guilty In Fogg Robbery

A man was convicted in Montreal Wednesday in connection with the theft of $3 million worth of ancient Greek and Roman coins from the Fogg Art Museum two years ago.

Allen Kirchick, of Whitman, who was arrested in Montreal last November, was found guilty of illegal possession of $333,000 worth of the coins.

Four members of the Fogg staff testified for the prosecution: George M.A. Hanfmann, Hudson Professor of Archaeology; Patricia Erhardt, keeper of the Fogg Coin Room; museum photographer Michael Nedzweski; and Charles Pearson, a guard on duty at the time of the theft.

An FBI spokesman said yesterday that more than 2,000 coins are still missing.

Three persons arrested last year by the FBI and charged with the armed robbery at the Fogg on December 2, 1973, are awaiting trial in Cambridge. They are Louis Mathis, of Cambridge; Anthony Vaglica, formerly of Waltham; and Carl R. Dixon, of Jamaica Plain. Mary Megna, of Medford, who was also arrested, is charged as an accessory after the fact.


The coins have not yet been returned to the Fogg, as they may be needed as evidence in the Cambridge trial.