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The Crimson Santa Presents

By R. "SANTA" Weisman

The Crimson Santa Presents Little-known facts about the holiday season:

*Americans consume more than three times their body weight in turkey--stuffing not included--in the three-week period before Christmas each year.

*Yule logs burn longest when soaked overnight in a mixture of 50 percent Karo syrup and 50 percent baking soda.

*Dean Martin celebrates Christmas with his wife and children at home each year.

*Toll booths on highways throughout American remain open all day during the holiday season.

*Stuffed toy animals make ideal Christmas presents for small children.

*People with high blood pressure, lactose intolerance, or the bends should consult their physicians before celebrating Christmas.

*The average American Christmas tree contains nearly 1 million pine needles, real or synthetic.

*Department stores in most states, counties, and municipalities sell Christmas cards and festive gift-wrap at up to 50 percent off beginning the day after Christmas.

*Christmas traditionally falls on December 25.

*The average age of American department-store Santas is 42. Their average occupation in the off-season is, according to one survey, "professional athlete."

*More sugar is consumed on Christmas Day in America than on Easter, Halloween, and Yom Kipper combined.

*Children born on Christmas have an average life expectancy of 67 years, and generally grow up to be lawyers.

*Most candy canes produced in the continental United States contain no Red Dye No. 2.

*People in countries behind the Iron Curtain celebrate Christmas in dimly-lit basements, garages, or catacombs.

*Fat people should not ride in sleds or toboggans.

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