J. Kenneth Griffin, director of the rent control board, said yesterday the commission holds a public meeting whenever it proposes a general adjustment in Cambridge rates.

Landlords and tenants together review the cost of running a building and the commission determines a rate which is fair to both parties, he said.

The board called the December meeting to evaluate the effect of recently lowered tax rates, increased operational costs and inflation on landlords' costs this year.

Alfred B. Cohn '46, a member of the Cambridge Rent Control Board, said the board has not yet discussed a specific increase to propose at the meeting.

White, however, expects the board to propose a 10-per-cent increase. He said a compromise with the board at 5 per cent would be a victory.


The CTOC will begin canvassing the community immediately to raise tenant attendance at the meeting, he said. White will focus the door-to-door campaign on working class residents and long time inhabitants of Cambridge.