The Gallo Boycott Limps On

Most students, like most liquor store owners, are confused, misinformed or uninterested as the United Farm Workers' boycott of Gallo wines drags into its fourth year.

Some Harvard Square liquor stores do not carry Gallo, some sell it quietly and peacefully, and others--especially Harvard Provision Company (the Pro)--are still the objects of sporadic picketing.

"I don't buy Gallo or patronize the Pro because I know the boycott is still on," William Price '78 said yesterday.

Most students, however, still buy wine at the Pro. "The Pro is cheap. That's about all there is to it," Mark A. Ingram '77 said yesterday.

In the fall of 1974, the Masters of Dunster House made "a big thing" out of the boycott, Elizabeth W. Vorenberg, House Co-Master said yesterday. They urged support of the boycott against Gallo and stopped spending the House funds under their control at Harvard Provision, Vorenberg added.


"I still haven't shopped at Harvard Pro," she said, and added that "many of the most intelligent people think the issue has died, but that is absolutely wrong."

The manager of Harvard Provision said yesterday that he was too busy to talk much, especially because there was not much to talk about. "Business is good, everything is normal and quiet. The boycott makes no difference," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

Varsity Liquor, the little store just across from the Harvard Square subway station, does not stock Gallo wines. "I've got plenty of wines without getting involved with Gallo," the man behind the counter said. Like the other liquor store employees and owners interviewed yesterday, he refused to give his name. "I've got enough trouble," he said.