200 University Students Request Abortion Rebate

Only 200 of the 15,500 eligible students have requested, the 56 cents rebate from the University Health Services (UHS) because they are morally opposed to abortion, Dr. Warren E. Wacker, director of UHS, said yesterday.

Wacker said he received most of the letters requesting rebates last week, although more are still coming in.

Wacker said there has been very little alumni response to the new policy including coverage for abortions in the student health insurance plan.

He said he has only received two letters from Radcliffe graduates and they supported the new program.

Katheryn A. Angell, associate director of the Health Services, said yesterday, she has received only a few negative responses over the phone.


Complaint Department

Martin F. Peterson, associate director for administration and finances of UHS, said he had only received 20 to 30 complaints.

Ruth Colker '78, president of the Radcliffe Union of Studens which worked for the inclusion of abortion costs in the health insurance program, said yesterday, many people at UHS were very supportive of the plan.


In past years she said the Radcliffe Union maintained an emergency Fund which among other things, covered abortions.

The Corporation approved the abortion plan November 1, and all Radcliffe students were subsequently notified about the rebate option, Wacker said.