Galbraith Gift

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John Kenneth Galbraith, Warburg Professor of Economics Emeritus, may donate his $10,000 prize from the Harvard Lampoon to the Fogg Art Museum for the purchase of erotic Japanese prints, Lampoon sources said yesterday.

Carter B. Burwell '77, Sanctum of the Lampoon, said last night that "Galbraith wants the museum to buy racy, Japanese prints of sexual nature," adding that many prints are "sex manuals and guides to brothels."

Seymour Slive, director of the Fogg Art Museum, said yesterday that he knew nothing about the money and that Galbraith has not contacted him.

As the "Funniest Professor of the Century," Galbraith Saturday received a purple and gold $12,000 Cadillac Eldorado convertible and a lifetime subscription to the Harvard Lampoon.

Galbraith, who is vacationing in his Swiss chalet, could not be reached for comment yesterday.