To the Editors of The Crimson:

The eviction of the six residents of South House is both absurd and vindictive. If the noisy and disorderly occupants of the Yard and the River Houses were turned out, there would be many vacancies. Apparently Eliot Hall residents fall under different criteria.

Even if their behavior was harming other students, it is unfair and arbitrary to throw them out in the middle of exam period with no previous warning. Because the eviction could not have come at a more inopportune time or with less warning, it appears that the Pians' decision was consciously aimed at hurting the six students as much as possible. Rather than meeting with the parties concerned and finding a moderate solution, the Pians chose to act immediately and drastically. Such extreme action is not in keeping with the judicious and impartial attitude a house master could possess.

Such administrative callousness frustrates students at this University all too often. Let us see things set right this time. Reinstate the six South House students! Jonathan Gingerich '78