The Best and Worst of '77: Should Old Acquaintance Etc.

Cracker Jack

...that Carl Yastrzemski (among other Red Hose) broke the 100-RBI mark?

...all those home runs?

...Catfish Hunter and Jim Palmer?

...that the price of bleacher tickets rose to $2?

...that the Harvard heavyweight crew lost its first race in 25 tries, by one-tenth of a second, to Penn?


...that the heavies came back at Princeton the next week to clean up in the Easterns?

...that the Radcliffe crew, and just about every other Harvard women's sport throughout the year, simply dominated its competition?

...that the men's tennis team lost a shot at the Ivy crown and the NCAA tourney with a 5-4 upset loss to Yale, after leading 3-2 in the third-set tiebreaker of the crucial doubles match?

...that Kevin Shaw had to play an ambidextrous Eli who hit both left handed and right-handed forehands in that match?

...that coach Dave Fish lugged his 35mm and telephoto out to the Longwood tennis tournament to catch some shots of idol Ken Rosewall last August, but was driven away by a horde of swarming gnats?

...that freshman racquetman Don Pompan looks exactly like Starsky of t.v. fame?

...that tennis captain Todd Lundy could double for Hutch?

...that Crimson number-two golfer Spence Fitzgibbons practiced his "lateral hip slide" by smashing his hips time after time against his Canaday door? (Spence later quit, saying, "It's rough on the hips.")

...that the Harvard basketball squad won four of its last five games last spring to finish 9-17?

...that the cagers still have to play in the Indoor Athletic Building?

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