Task Force on College Life Summary of Major Recommendations

These thirty-two recommendations of the Task Force are presented in the order in which they are treated in the body of the text; it was felt that it would be rather difficult to follow if we did not present them in that self-same organization. In an attempt to indicate the ones for which we have felt the strongest priority, the lead sentences of those recommendations have been underlined. Those recommendations which are presumed to have a substantial dollar cost are followed by a dollar sign. Appendix C provides some rough estimates as to the cost of some of these recommendations. It is hoped these signals will provide aid in evaluating these recommendations.

The Houses

1.1 Administration of the House System

1. To effect by reorganization with the assignment of an individual [or individuals] with the specific charge of concern for House affairs. CHARGE: To act as a liaison between the Dean's Office, the masters and Buildings and Grounds.

a. To set up a clearinghouse for faculty members desiring House affiliations and for graduate students desiring tutor positions. This proposal would aid masters' recruitment of faculty associates and affiliates and would facilitate coordination between departments and Houses in tutor selection.

b. To attempt to oversee the House system to insure a more even distribution of the available academic resources and activities among the Houses.

c. To conduct a much-needed assessment of existing physical facilities and their condition; then to coordinate a realistic and equitable program of additions and renovations as well as seeing to day-to-day maintenance requests. The close cooperation with the masters and Buildings and Grounds would be essential.

2. The replacement of the position of co-master with a position including a stipend and bearing the title of associate master for the spouses of masters.

1.2 Tutors

3. The creation of a "job description" for the position of non-resident and resident tutors, outlining the duties and responsibilities expected of them. This information should be given before the tutor's initial entrance into the House communities.

4. The continued recruitment of women tutors. The responsibility for this recruitment could lie with the administrator charged with House affairs (recommendation 1) working in conjunction with the masters.

1.3 Facilities

5. The development of a centrally administered program of improvements of common spaces in most of the Houses. $

6. Improvement of the Radcliffe Quadrangle.

a. The building of an athletic complex near the Radcliffe Quadrangle. This program could include a regulation-sized pool, a basketball court, facilities for tennis, squash, and volleyball, and perhaps for paddle tennis. $