Galbraith on T.V.

John Kenneth Galbraith, Warburg Professor of Economics Emeritus, will host a 13-part television series on economic history to be aired in April.

The British Broadcasting Corporation is producing the program which will be shown in this country on Public television networks under the title "The Age of Uncertainty."

Karen A. Johnson, a programmer at WGBH, Boston's public network, said yesterday the show will be modeled along the lines of Civilization, by Lord Kenneth Clark, with Galbraith taking a personal view of the history and crises of industrial society.

British citizens viewed the first episode last Wednesday. Galbraith said in an interview with the Sunday Times of London after the showing, "With the press Milton Friedman [this year's Nobel prize winner in Economics and a conservative in Economics policy] has been getting, this series is my bid for equal time."

A textbook written by Galbraith, "The Age of Uncertainty: A History of Economic Ideas and their Consequences," will be released by the University of California on March 29, in conjunction with the series.

Edwin O. Reischauer, University Professor, said yesterday. "It is a fascinating idea. Galbraith has the personal character to carry it off successfully." William H. Lazonick, assistant professor of Economics, added. "Anything Galbraith does is bound to be entertaining."