Searching For More Study Space


Students at the Graduate School of Education kept up their library war this week, battling the school administration over a proposal to lease the third floor of Gutman Library as office space.

Although the Planning Office, which had been considering moving the Extension Division into the space, announced that move was off, the students say they want further assurances that no other bureaucrats will move into their study space, either.

The administration denies that any such plans are now afoot, but has agreed to meet with interested students next month to discuss "hypothetical examples" of how students and administrators might deal with a proposal to rent out library space.

The library war continued on another front on Wednesday, when 40 students staged a "study-in" at Tozzer Library, to protest a decision to close the library at 5 p.m.

Administrators said the decision stemmed from a tight budget in the Anthropology Department, but the students apparently believed money shouldn't stand in the way of the "new mood on campus."


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