Institute Hosts Conference for Mayors

Focuses on Transition Problems


Newly elected mayors from nearly 20 cities began a five-day seminar at the Institute of Politics yesterday focusing on the transition from political candidate to chief executive officer.

The seminar, which is co-sponsored by the United States Conference of Mayors, will include discussions of labor relations, police and crminal justice, press relations, and intergovernmental management.

Preventive Medicine

Ira A. Jackson '70, senior assistant dean of the Kennedy School of Government and this year's seminar coordinator, said the goal of the program is to teach mayors how to handle the practical problems of city government before they can make mistakes.

"It's an awfully good break for someone who's been campaigning for a year." Charles Royer, mayor-elect of Seattle, said yesterday. "I've started my transition and I see I'm doing a few things right." Royer added.


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