Security Committee Meets; Plans to Inspect Houses

The Dean's Committee on Security in the Houses met for the first time yesterday at Kirkland House.

The four-member committee "was established in response to the Leverett House rapes and the possibility that we do not have adequate security in the residential system." Dean Fox said yesterday.

"Every student should have equal security." Thomas A. Dingman '67, director of the Harvard-Radcliffe Parents Association and chairman of the committee, said yesterday. "Some Houses will need more than others to bring them up to the anticipated level of security," he added.

"The existing security in the Houses is generally adequate, though no one has checked to see if it really works," Dingman said. He added that the committee has asked the master of each House to draw up specific proposals based on the needs of their particular Houses.

"Kirkland House is requesting swinging iron gates with a spring and a lock for the main gate and annex," Evon Z. Vogt, master of Kirkland House, said yesterday.

"We are looking to the future," Vogt said, adding, "when the subway station is across the street there will be a lot of activity and we have to be prepared."

The committee will also meet with the masters of Mather, South, and Leverett Houses later this week.

"We are discussing the possibility of changing all the locks in Leverett Towers to make them more secure." Kenneth Andrews, master of Leverett House, said yesterday, adding, "We would also like to put locks on the inner door and the elevators."

Andrews said he will request student guards at Leverett House during "all the hours of darkness."

Dingman said this proposal will be included in the committee report to be submitted to Dean Fox in January. "The committee does not anticipate added security measures in any of the Houses until the review is completed," he added.

The committee, with House masters and senior tutors, will inspect each House and the Yard dormitories to determine their security needs.

Any security measures will have to be approved by Dean Fox and will be paid for by the University out of the 91 account, which includes student rooming and facilities fees.

Other committee members are John E. Cady, assistant director of facilities in the Faculty, Lawrence J. Fennelly of the Harvard Police and John R. Marquand, assistant dean of the Faculty.

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