Cold Showers

It is cold-showers-or-no-showers in six entries of Kirkland House that have lacked hot water since last Thursday.

Evon Z. Vogt Jr., master of Kirkland House, said yesterday the situation is "absolutely scandalous."


The Department of Buildings and Grounds attributes the hot-water shortage to overuse, but House Superintendent Kevin B. Higgins, in a December 8 letter to Francis A. Lawton, assistant dean of the College for facilities, called that explanation "unacceptable," Vogt said.

Entries A through F, which lack hot water, had the same problem last year, but those entries now have 20 fewer residents, Higgins wrote. Also, a new converter has since been added to the boiler.


The Kirkland annex, which has no hot water problem, has 20 more students than last year.

What To Do

Buildings and Grounds employees contacted yesterday said they are working on the problem. Lawton was not available for comment.

Meanwhile, residents are surviving. Some are using friends' rooms in the annex, and co-master Catherine C. Vogt has offered her guestroom to anyone who needs it, but one student said yesterday, "I'm just not taking that many showers."