You Better Watch Out...


Any relationship requires some give and some take. Well, I've taken a great deal from you for the last three years--most of it flack--so now it's my turn to give. Specifically, I'm giving Christmas gifts, and you're right, you can breathe easier now, because this is my final column of the 1977 season.

You can imagine my surprise when, in a rare moment of altruism, I decided to give...

...Steve McNabb a new typewriter to replace the one Pat's towed away.

...Marty Leape my resume.

...Bob Baggott an autographed picture of himself.

...Ethel Sadowsky the name of a good Chinese restaurant.


...Rich Weisman a punk.

...Rich de Bodo a watch that's on time.

...Master Hutchison a Student's Open House.

...Bruce Ballentine a 'P' on his Shakespeare paper.

...Dave Campbell the directions to an all-women's school in Montana.

...Laura Schanberg Bill Ginsberg.

...Bruce Shepherd a blow dryer.

...Bill Scheft the following words of advice: "You shouldn't pal around with (a) football players the Friday night before a game and (b) married men."

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