Skiers' Equipment Missing From Room In Wigglesworth

University police are investigating the theft of $545 worth of ski equipment from the Harvard Ski Team storage room in the basement of Wigglesworth Hall.

The theft occurred sometime late Sunday night, or early Monday morning, Lt. Lawrence Murphy, of the Harvard Police criminal investigation unit, said yesterday.

Murphy said the thieves stole skis, ski boots, and bindings belonging to two of the Ski Team's ten members. There were no signs of forced entry, and several possibilities exist as to how the larceny occurred, Murphy said, adding that the door to the storage room could have been left unlocked, or the thief could have acquired a key.

Murphy added, "Of course, a third possibility exists, namely that some member of the ski club took the missing equipment by mistake."

Murphy said a Wigglesworth resident told the police he claims to have heard noises originating from the ski room between 2:00 and 2:30 Monday morning.


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