Harvard Man Competes In Skating Championships

A Harvard sophomore plans to compete in today's United States Figure Skating Championships.

Mahlon Bradley '79, three-time Eastern Men's Figure Skating Champion, is scheduled to compete against ten regional men's freestyle champions for the national title.

"This is what I've really been working ten years for," Bradley said Sunday. He has competed in national championships nine times.

Competitors will be judged on compulsory figures, a two-minute compulsory freestyle program, and a five-minute freestyle program.

"The compulsory figures are my most important part," he said. "I have not done well in them in the past, but I've worked hard and I'm doing much better," he added.


Bradley said he is strongest in the five-minute freestyle program, but called it "painful and rough."

Got to be Consistent

"In competition, you've got to be consistent and confident, and give it your best," he said.

Bradley said he practices six to seven hours a day, six days a week. "I don't have much time for things other than skating and school," he said.

"Skating has opened up for me. I feel I have a chance this year," Bradley said. "I've put a lot more time into skating and less into school, and it's showed."

The top three skaters in the finals will represent the United States in the World Figure Skating Championships in Tokyo, March 1-5.