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To the Editors of The Crimson:

We would like to ask Gustavo Buntinx to substantiate some of the claims he makes in his letter of January 26. His letter contains many adjectives but very few facts. Just what are the "outrageous impositions" which Harvard makes on its employees? Just what does Buntinx mean by "the continuous homogenization" of the student body?

Specifically, we are sick and tired of seeing a radical minority proclaim itself as the voice of the students at Harvard. Buntinx talks a lot about democracy. Well, last time we checked, the CHUL--a relatively democratic institution--voted 15-2 in favor of the Fox plan. Buntinx claims there is a "widespread demand" for Women's studies. If so, it is a very quiet "widespread demand." We also find it amusing that Buntinx considers Soc Stud the arsenal of democracy. Anyone who's spent 10 minutes at Harvard knows that Soc Stud is an extremely biased department. We believe that democracy is the rule of the majority, not the rule of a vociferous minority. Buntinx's letter appears to be inconsistent with this view. Dave Dorff '78   Ed Mansfield '78

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