Warm Temperatures Stimulate Spirits and Ice Cream Sales

Barefoot students relaxed outdoors yesterday as the temperature hit 66 degrees around 2 p.m. Blue skies and breezy, warm weather will continue until the weekend, the National Weather service in Boston said yesterday.

Students played frisbee, jogged by the river, and studied or socialized outdoors. However they spent their afternoons, the students seemed pleased about the warm spring-like weather.

"It's done wonders for my mood" Greg Kirsch '80 said yesterday. "I plan to be charging around all afternoon", he added.

Belgian Fudge, an ice cream shop on Mass Ave sold "between 1000 and 1200 ice creams before 5 p.m.", Frank Gerace, a store employee said yesterday. "Usually we sell 600 to 800 ice creams before midnight", he added.

"Today is just beautiful," Eleanor C. Marshall, assistant to the dean for housing, said yesterday. "I've had very few visitors today. It's usually very active," she added.


A section for a government class which usually meets in a "dingy" room moved class to a courtyard lawn, one student in the class said yesterday.

"It's a grand day" Patrolman Scanlon of the Harvard Police said yesterday. Comparing the student spring-time attitude to that in previous years, he added, "They never change".

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