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For Free Speech



To the Editors of The Crimson:

In response to Prof. Kilson's letter published on March 15, I must indeed agree that the Moonies do have the right of free speech and that the Lampoon does have the right of freedom of the press, and, protected by these rights, the two groups may certainly publish and publicize their material until the Judgment Day (and possibly beyond). However, the so-called "elements among Jews here" and the "certain sections of black militants" to which Prof. Kilson refers also have their rights of free speech--rights to protest as vigorously and vehemently as they feel is necessary any wrongs committed against them. It is this latter right that Prof. Kilson would seem to deny in stating that "the anti-freedom vigilantes" should be "toss[ed] out on their ears."

Furthermore, there is a disturbing strain of racial and religious prejudice underlying Prof. Kilson's remarks which must not go unnoticed by any thinking member of the Harvard-Radcliffe community. Prof. Kilson owes every Jewish and black student an apology for his advocacy of the abrogation of their first amendment rights and for the sour notes of prejudice apparent in his letter. Stephen Alton Saperstein '78

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