President Selects JFK Lecturer For EPA Administrative Post

President Carter this week nominated William Drayton, Jr. '65, lecturer at the Kennedy School of Government, to be assistant administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for planning and management.

If he is approved by the Senate, Drayton will evaluate and develop the regulatory processes of the EPA, a spokesman for the EPA said yesterday. Drayton will also direct all budget and personnel management within the EPA, he said.

Last fall Drayton taught an eight-week module course at the Kennedy School called "Regulatory Alternatives."

Since Carter took office, Drayton has worked in the administration office of the EPA.

Drayton joined the Carter staff in June, 1976 to prepare campaign issue papers on "everything from nuclear proliferation and plutonium development to the weakening of the American family," the EPA spokesman said.

From August, when he joined the Carter Policy Planning Group in Atlanta, until the inauguration, Drayton worked on "reorganizational reforms for various regulatory agencies," a White House spokesman said yesterday.

From September 1976 until February 1977 Drayton was a visiting assistant professor at Stanford Law School.

The Senate Public Works Committee will review Drayton's nomination and the Senate must approve his nomination before he can assume office. The EPA spokesman said he did not believe there would be any opposition to his nomination.

Drayton, who could not be reached yesterday for comment, received an M.A. from Oxford University in 1967 and graduated from Yale Law School in 1970

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