Observatory Hill

ALTHOUGH Observatory Hill residents have protested strongly against Radcliffe's proposed construction of an athletic facility for the use of Quad residents, it is not apparent that the building, as it has been designed, will disrupt the quality of life in the neighborhood. In fact, it will serve a much needed function for the Radcliffe community.

Polls conducted by Dean Fox's office during the past several years showed that students living at Radcliffe list building a recreational athletic facility as their chief request towards making life at the Quad more desirable. The proposed facility will be built on the present site of five outdoor tennis courts on the corner of Bond and Garden Sts., and will not reduce open park space.

Area residents are justifiably concerned with Harvard's failure to negotiate the decision to build on Observatory Hill. However, if life at the Quad can be improved, Harvard is less likely to build additional housing in the Cambridge community. There are enough Harvard students who enjoy living at Radcliffe, away from the confusion of Harvard Square activities, to make that end both justifiable and desirable.

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