Snow, Ice Prompt Complaints

"Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice," a noted New England poet once intoned. Despite the blanket of snow and ice that has engulfed Harvard, life goes on, amid complaints of more snow to come.

"I've just had it. I'm voting against it," Steven J. Rosenbaum, a first-year law student, said yesterday, in response to today's weather forecast.

A winter storm watch is in effect today, with snow changing to rain likely. The National Weather Service predicted a 100 per cent chance of precipitation, accompanied by 40 mph winds.

Frank B. Field, from his New York home, said, "It's bad. How could you like snow? It turns black. It's difficult to get around."

Liran A. Gordon '81 said, "It's pretty miserable. It keeps on changing. It's so ridiculous."


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