Government Department Hires Specialist in Japanese Politics

The Government Department has postponed its search for a professor to fill an endowed chair in modern Japanese politics, and appointed an associate professor in that field instead.

Edwin O. Reischauer, University professor, said yesterday the Gov. Department decided to hire Terry E. MacDougall, an associate professor from the University of Virginia and a specialist in Japanese politics, after it failed to find an acceptable and willing candidate for a permanent post.

"Instead, we decided on a younger man at 2 more junior level," Reischauer added.

Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr. '53, professor of Government, said yesterday that MacDougall's appointment for four and a half years temporarily suspends a permanent choice.

Reischauer and Mansfield said the department still intends to establish an endowed chair with part of the contribution to the Japanese Institute that Japan made last year.


"We're determined to go ahead with the search at a later date," Reischauer said.

MacDougall will teach two courses in the spring, Government 178, "Japan in International Politics," and Government 219, "Parties and Party Systems--the Case of Japan."