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By Justina K. Carlson

A frazzled air and sleepless gaze are the hallmarks of students suffering from reading and exam periods and coffee is the thing that keeps them going--and this year the Harvard dining halls will again have coffee available after dinner onwards during reading and exam periods to satisfy the stepped-up demand.

Houses at the Quad will have fresh-brewed coffee available in their dining halls, a representative for the Radcliffe dining halls said yesterday. Dunster and Mather houses also serve fresh-brewed coffee.

Kirkland, Lowell, Eliot and Winthrop Houses will serve Minute-Maid coffee (made from concentrate).

Leverett House will also serve Minute Maid coffee. Leverett House recently acquired a machine which makes fresh-brewed coffee, but will continue to serve the coffee made from concentrate after the kitchen closes, because the new machine requires that personnel run it, Paul J. Denaro, a supervisor for the college dining halls, said yesterday.

The Freshman Union serves coffee in the yellow dining room after dinner until 12 p.m. on weeknights but not on weekends.

North and South House serve milk and cookies to their residents, usually around 9 or 10 p.m. The hours are determined by the individual houses, Hanna Hastings, Master of North House, said yesterday.

Milk and Cookies

Adams House will serve milk and cookies tonight at 10 p.m., Daphne T. Hsu '78, chairman of the House Committee, said yesterday. She said that the committee plans to serve milk and cookies again during reading and exam periods, but that future dates and times have not been arranged.

Students looking for a place to study late as well as a beverage to help them stay up to do it, can use six rooms in the Science Center which stay open until 4:00 a.m., (when the cleaning staff arrives). The locations of the rooms are posted on Science Center bulletin boards.


The rooms are "very quiet," John F. Walker, '81, a bio-chemistry major, said yesterday. Anthony M. Dillof '81 says that he has studied in the rooms twice and found them "too warm-almost fell asleep." Dillof, who said he "paced around outside" to cool off, plans to use the rooms again, preferring them to his own room because there is "less distraction, no roommates, stereo, books-or bed."

Students using the rooms might find the fact that the coffee machine located in the greenhouse coffee shop on the first floor of the Science Center is out-of-order, a slight drawback. Seven out of ten choices in the candy machine are also sold out.

Hungry students can go to Room 13, located in Stoughton basement, for milk, cookies-and coffee, from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m

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