Multi-Media Show Will Star In Radcliffe Juniors' Festivities

In a meeting last Thursday, the Radcliffe Junior Day Committee voted to sponsor a multi-media show as the feature attraction of the annual class activities this spring.

The originator of the idea, Laura A. Taylor '79, will direct the show, which will play for two weekends in April. Taylor said yesterday the show will use slides, actors and music to trace Radcliffe's development over the last century, portraying Radcliffe College's role in the women's suffrage movement and in the civil rights movement.

The Future Belongs...

The presentation will conclude by showing the roles of Radcliffe College and women students today and in the future. Taylor added that it would be very appropriate because of Radcliffe's centennial celebration next year.

Taylor said yesterday "The show will provide an opportunity to utilize the talents of women in this school and also give us a chance to get to know one another better."


The committee is planning additional events to involve Radcliffe women during the second weekend, including a dance, workshops and a brunch.