ERG Survey

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Student members of the Educational Research Group (ERG) are preparing a questionnaire to ask students what courses they would like to see included in the Core Curriculum.

Students serving on the Core subcommittees are "about the only student input going into the Core. We wanted some other viewpoints to back up ours." Stan R. Frankel '80, a member of ERG, said yesterday.

ERG members will begin distributing surveys to about 10 per cent of the student body next week, Frankel said. It will include questions about the Core in general and each specific area.

For example, the survey will ask students whether they would like different courses to be offered in science and math for pre-med students and those with a general interest in the field.

"We're trying to combat the attitude of a lot of faculty members who seem to think we're going to move General Education courses into the Core. That was not the original intent of Dean Rosovsky," Frankel said.