UHS Treats Winthrop House Students for Intestinal Ailments

Doctors at University Health Services (UHS) have treated eight Winthrop House residents in the past week for stomach disorders with symptoms identical to those of salmonella poisoning, Sholem Postel, assistant director of UHS, said yesterday. Several other Winthrop House residents said yesterday they have the same symptoms but have not visited UHS.

"We are very attuned to the possibility of salmonella right now, but we're not sure yet if the students have food poisoning or some other kind of virus," Postel said. "The illness may be wholly unrelated to food" he added.


UHS diagnosed eight cases of salmonella poisoning earlier this month, which doctors believed may have been contracted in the Freshman Union. Salmonella is a species of bacteria that infects dairy products, especially food made with eggs.

At least one student is being treated at Stillman Infirmary, is severely dehydrated and is being fed intravenously, Postel said.


Winthrop resident Paul S. Williams '81 said yesterday he and his two roommates all contracted the illness, but only one of the three visited UHS.

"I was unable to eat for three days. It's obviously not a coincidence that so many people got sick at the same time," Williams said.

L. David Hanower '81, who was treated at UHS and released, said yesterday, "I came down last Tuesday with a headache, severe diarrhea and stomach cramps, and a fever."

Martha Leape, Senior Tutor of Winthrop House, said yesterday she was unaware that more than one student was sick.