Tsongas Endorsed

The Harvard-Radcliffe Democratic Club formally endorsed Rep. Paul C. Tsongas (D-Mass.) for senator on Sunday, club secretary Brad F. Arston '81 said yesterday.

"It is important that Democrats know that people are supprting Tsongas, not Brooke," Sarah S. Brannen '81, club executive committee member, said yesterday.

"We have some trouble with Brooke's financial problems, and Tsongas seems more concerned with people's problems," Arston said.

"Tsongas could work better with the administration, being a Democrat," he added.

Approximately ten club members will continue to campaign actively for Tsongas, distributing leaflets in the Cambridge area.


The executive committee voted unanimously to endorse Tsongas two weeks ago, but because of an oversight, they did not announce the endorsement formally until Sunday.