Youths Suspected In Larson Break-In

University police are looking for one or more youths who broke into Larson Hall last Thursday and removed an estimated $5000 worth of office supplies belonging to the School of Education, Saul L. Chafin, chief of University police, said yesterday.

The stolen goods include typewriters, calculators, an AM-FM radio and a small amount of cash. The suspects removed the goods from the second and seventh floors of Larson Hall after breaking a padlock on one of the main doors in the early morning, Chafin said.

"The break and the ransacking leaves me to believe teenagers, juveniles, per-petrated the crime," Chafin said, adding the police suspect that the thieves remained in the building for several hours. "Unfortunately there's no alarm system installed there," he said.

The police first became aware of the break at 9 a.m., when a worker found three office items in the men's room wrapped in a canvas bag, Chafin said, adding he assumes the perpetrators were forced to leave the building in a hurry or were planning to complete the larceny later that day.

The police are processing the evidence left in the men's room--a typewriter, tape recorder and a bottle of champagne--for fingerprints.


Blenda J. Wilson, senior associate dean in the Faculty of Education, said Friday the items removed came from individual faculty offices and open lobby areas on the different floors.