Protest Marchers Riot in Iranian City, Government Troops Fire, Killing Five

ISFAHAN, Iran--Two days of peace between the government of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and protesters demanding his ouster ended yesterday as government troops fired on rioting crowds in the provincial city of Isfahan, 300 miles south of Tehran.

The violence began when protesters, engaged in a mass rally, began destroying downtown banks and public buildings, including the headquarters of SAVAK, the Iranian secret police.

Government troops shot tear gas into the crowds and finally opened fire on the protesters, government sources said yesterday. At least five people were killed and many were wounded in the gunfire.


Marchers also attacked banks and public buildings in three other provincial cities yesterday. There were no immediate reports of casualties, however.


Protesters also attacked the U.S.-owned Hyatt Hotel in the northeastern city of Mashad yesterday, destroying the ground floor and attempting to set fire to the hotel's night club.

Not Welcome

Crowds carried placards demanding an end to U.S. support of the shah in his 11-month old struggle to retain control of the country. "Criminal Americans Go Home" and "Iran Will Become Another Vietnam" the placards read.

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