New Typing Course

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Harvard students will be able to take a typing course here for the first time this spring. Marshall R. Pihl Jr. '55. Quincy House senior tutor and the organizer of the course, said yesterday.

The non-credit course, which will be taught by an instructor at the Employee Training Center in the basement of Memorial Hall, begins February 27 and ends April 28.

"Several students had asked me whether a typing course exists here." Pihl said. "Since there was no course and there seemed to be a demand for one, I decided to try and organize one."

The course, which costs $25, will be taught in two sections of 12 people. It will meet for three hours each week and graduates will be expected to be able to type 30 words per minute.

Faculty members and spouses in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are also eligible for this course. Anyone interested may register at the Center for Continuing Education, Lehman Hall B-3, February 21 to 24 from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.