Government Professors To Teach Substitutes for Junior Tutorial

Beginning next year the Government Department will require senior faculty to offer seminars which juniors can take instead of one semester of the regular tutorial, Nancy L. Rosenblum '69, head tutor for the Government Department, said yesterday.

Rosenblum said the department voted unanimously to request every faculty member to offer a one-semester seminar for every eight half-courses they teach.

This year there are no senior faculty members, and only three junior faculty members teaching the 29 junior tutorials, she added.

Sidney Verba '53, chairman of the Government Department, said yesterday the department is diverting resources into the undergraduate program because of the diminishing size of the graduate program.

Rosenblum said faculty who want to teach junior tutorial next year will do so through the seminar program, adding that none of the seminars will be taught by teaching fellows.


Junior concentrators will be asked to take one of the approximately 13 seminars for one semester, and the regular junior tutorial for the other semester, Verba said.

The seminars will be limited to 15 people, and preference will be given to junior government concentrators who have not taken another junior seminar, he added.

Verba said the purpose of the seminars is to allow more juniors to interact directly with the faculty.

Verba said the number of junior tutorials offered next year will remain approximately the same, and their size will be reduced.

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