B.C. Administrators Attempt to Censor Ads in Newspaper

Boston College (B.C.) will deny office space to The Heights, a B.C. weekly newspaper, unless the paper adheres to advertising restrictions imposed by the administration, Paul E. McPartland, president of the paper, said yesterday.

Administrators object to an advertisement in The Heights for the New England Women's Service, a women's agency which gives advice on pregnancy, birth control and abortion, McPartland said. The ad has been running in the paper since September.

Kevin P. Duffy, B.C. vice-president for student affairs, stated in a letter to the paper Friday that unless a compromise is reached, the paper will have to vacate its present on-campus office.

Administrators and student editors have been meeting since September to try to settle the matter. The lease on the present office runs out on June 30.

The Heights has a circulation of 10,000, making it B.C.'s largest newspaper. If evicted, McPartland said it will be very difficult to find affordable office space in the residential area surrounding the college.