The Student Petition on the Core


To the Editors of The Crimson:

What is the meaning of representation? An elected representative is expected to convey to the authorities the views of his constituents; yet Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) representative Victor I. Filippini '80, when presenting the Core petition to the Faculty, read "only the sections he agreed with." He admitted that the petition showed students' concern, yet did not consider that concern--demonstrated by the signatures of 2500 of his constituents--worthy of an impartial presentation. In fact, he began by saying that he did not agree with the petition.

This lack of representation of all student views is one reason that the Ad Hoc Committee on the Core was formed. We don't ask our representatives to help us or to agree with us; we do expect them to present our views clearly and thoroughly. That is their duty; it is especially important here, since they are the only students permitted to speak at Faculty meetings.

We realize that Filippini received the petition only shortly before the meeting; but his duty as a student representative was to present it thoroughly and impartially, regardless of his personal views. Lisa Feurzeig '81   Melissa Scott '81