Bok Relocates To New Office During Protest

President Bok spent his workday in seclusion at Dana Palmer House yesterday, 250 yards away from students who held a sit-in outside University Hall to protest the Corporation's recent decision on divestiture.

Bok said yesterday he decided not to work out of Massachusetts Hall because his attempt to enter his office late Monday afternoon had produced an incident he did not wish repeated.

Asked why he had not met with demonstrators outside University Hall this week, Bok said, "After the incident, I've been a little bit afraid that my being there may provoke a reaction that may endanger students." He added his decision was not out of concern for his own welfare.

A Little Chat

Bok said that the administration has tried to meet with members of the United Front to discuss "seriously" the issues over which students have been demonstrating. He said he believes there has been no opportunity yet for that kind of discussion, but he hopes a meeting will occur in the future.

Kathryn T. Rice '79, president of the Harvard-Radcliffe Black Students Association and member of the United Front, said yesterday that Dean Epps is in the process of setting up a meeting between Bok and United Front members.

Luther M. Ragin Jr. '76, freshman proctor and United Front member, said yesterday, "Bok has failed to demonstrate effective leadership or moral courage." He added, "South Africa is an issue which has great moral force and people want to feel that the President of Harvard University cares about their concerns."