Faculty Group Submits Changes In Rules Regulating Drug Use

The Faculty Council has proposed several changes in the "Regulations for Students" booklet, one of which deals with drugs, for consideration at the Faculty meeting on Tuesday.

Dean Fox yesterday said that the additions to the drug section were "advisory." He said the Faculty Council decided to insert warnings against bad drugs after it received reports that marijuana treated with PCP had been sold in the Boston area.

The statements warn that "Synthetically produced drugs, which are prevalent in the Boston metropolitan area, often have unpredictable emotional and physical side effects which constitute an extreme health hazard."

Students are encouraged to weigh the seriousness of potential loss of function that may come from ingesting chemicals of unknown nature," the statement added.

Christopher M. Jedrey, senior tutor of Lowell House, said yesterday that the Faculty Council had considered the changes even before the reports of the contaminated marijuana.


"It would be an abdication of responsibility if we see this and we don't say anything about it," Marshall Pihl '55, senior tutor at Quincy House, said yesterday.

Pihl said that the Administrative Board, which advised the Council to make the changes, debated where to put the statements and decided to put them in "Regulations for Students" since the board edits that publication.