Radcliffe Gets Mellon Grant For Women's Studies Research

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation yesterday announced a $340,000 grant to support research on women's studies by Harvard faculty members and other scholars who utilize the research materials at the Radcliffe Data Resource Center at Radcliffe's Schlesinger Library.

"A central purpose of this grant supporting scholarly work that focuses on women's experience," President Horner said yesterday, "is to quicken the spread of new perspectives and new knowledge by aiding their inclusion into college and university curricula.

"What Radcliffe hopes to achieve with the help of the Mellon foundation grant is a multiplier effect, increasing the contribution that the college's unique research resources will make to scholarship, faculty and curriculum development, and policy-making," Horner added.

Patricia M. King '59, director of the Schlesinger Library, said yesterday the grant represents the kind of support that will hopefully result in the inclusion of the women's perspective in many courses.



Women's historians are asking some of the most important historical questions today, King said, adding that the grant will help scholars use the Library's resources "more extensively and productively."

The grant is a "very exciting development," Barbara M. Solomon, senior lecturer on History and Literature and on the History of American Civilization, said yesterday.

Solomon, who teaches Soc Sci 145, "Women and the American Experience," added that the grant "could be very, very promising for what lies ahead."