Prince House Moves Today To New Home

Prince House is headed home at last.

Workers will move the building by trailer today from its current location on Divinity Ave. to the area behind the Freshman Union, where it will become a residence for Henry C. Moses, dean of freshmen. The move will make room for the construction of a new biochemistry building on the Divinity Ave. site.

Raymond A. Smith, assistant director of facilities in the Faculty, said yesterday that if no major problems arise the move should take about six hours. Smith added, however, that it will take workers about two months to prepare the building for occupancy by Moses. The building will also house the Freshmen Dean's Office and the Freshman Seminar Office.

More the Merrier

The Merry Contracting Service has spent the last three weeks preparing Prince Hall for the move. Most of the work involved removing the foundation from the currrent site and preparing it for transportation to the new site.

David Dressler, associate professor of Biochemistry said yesterday that "construction of the biochemistry building on the Divinity Ave. site will begin this fall and a realistic date for the project's completion is 1981."

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