City May Register Students in Houses; DSOC Endorses Sullivan as Councilor

Sullivan Attacks Harvard, Defends Tenants

The Harvard Chapter of the Democratic Socialistic Organizing Committee (DSOC) voted last night to endorse tenant activist David Sullivan's candidacy for Cambridge City Council.

Sullivan spoke to the group about Cambridge politics and his stands on housing issues before the endorsement vote.

"There is a conservative tide sweeping the nation and we can begin to combat it," Sullivan told DSOC members.

Sullivan attacked Harvard for expanding into residential communities. "Everyday Cambridge residents get screwed in a slightly different way by Harvard."



Andrew J. Kahn '81, DSOC vice president, said last night the organization is backing Sullivan "because he is the most responsive to the problem of Harvard's invasion of Cambridge." Sullivan's support of rent control and his opposition to the conversion of apartments into condominiums are also important factors, Kahn added.

Sullivan, a democratic socialist, said another important goal is achieving "a progressive majority on the city council."

DSOC is not endorsing any other candidates "at this point," Daniel A. Lashof '81, a member of the groups steering committee, said last night. Kahn said he agrees "with some of the views of the liberal slate," but added, "Sullivan is the best informed and most dedicated."

Guy D. Molyneux '81-2, New England organizer for DSOC's parent organization, called Sullivan the "most progressive candidate running."

Sullivan, a legal counsel to the Massachusetts Secretary of State, ran unsuccessfully for the council in 1977. A volunteer lawyer for the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants and a member of the Boston chapter of the National Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, he drafted the anti-condominium conversion ordinance adopted by the council this spring.

DSOC backed Sullivan in 1977, Lashof said, adding, "We hope to do a lot more work this time around. We're much stronger.

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